Wings of Support. ( WOS)

As mentioned earlier on this site Bob and I would like to raise money for the WOS foundation. This amount of money will be totally donated to WOS.
It will be appointed by WOS to 3 projects along our intended route.
We would prefer if it could be appointed to 1 project in Europe and the other 2 projects in Africa with one of them being in Cape Town our final destination of the trip. Our goal is to visit al 3 projects personally.

We would like to raise the money by addressing our sponsors and even regardless of the economic situation bring out the best of them.
Naturally we will contribute as well. Beside our monthly donation, we have reserved 100,- for each project. Are you going to help as well?
It does not have to be a big donation, every mount is a welcome gift! Maybe a small donation of your daily allowance or the change from shopping at the local bakery or butcher.
Donate the gift directly to WOS and mark your gift as CTC. You can download the form from there site. Or put some money I a envelope and drop it in one of the collector boxes at Schiphol. Also put CTC on it if you would like to sponsor this specific project.

We will bring your gift virtually to one of the projects and will take a photo on location to proof it! You will instantly see which amount we have raised! Isn’t that exiting!
It is also possible to donate during our Farewell party on Friday the 28th of Augustus. We will make sure you can have a drink and some food while listening to Live music ! The exact location will be published soon on this site.
U going to help us? It would be a extra stimulance for us to make things happen.

Thank you in advance!

Nol & Bob Visser.

For further info onbout WOS click their logo below.