Trip report of the shakedown to Auvergne in France.

In all the books that I have read about making preparations for A long motorcycle trip, the same advise came forward all the time. Make a training or shakedown trip before you go! A trip where you will ride several day's with full gear/equipment to simulate The real thing. The plan was quickly made and with the friendly help of our best friends we set of for a 8 day's trip to the Auvergne on the central plateau. The trip would be about 3000 km/1864 mile in 8 day's. The first 2 day's where split up in a 600 km/372 mile and 500 km/310 mile stretch mainly on secondary roads. In Auvergne we did daily trips of around 300 km/186 mile over very different road surfaces. We had tarmac, gravel, clay and a occasional water crossing. We had dense fog, rain, cold due to snow-covered mountains and luckily sunshine! The only thing we had planed and did not do is sleep in our tents. All the fold of Annette and my wife Wilma who's hospitality and wonderful cooking where to tempting to refuse! Sorry.

We have learned a lot!!

Learned how to repair my first flat tire. Bob learned how to plan his overtaking maneuvers, this because his bike is reduced to 25 KW. Many thanks European politicians! We found out that having intercom could be a advantage, safety wise. We know that the range of our bike's are more or less the same. That if you both fill up with the same pump the cashier is puzzled? A motorcyclist who filled up more than 55 liters????. And we have learned that we can have lots of fun and laughs and that after a long day on the bike there is nothing better than to drink a cold beer together with your friends! Both bike's run perfectly with great support and many thanks to Henny from Joost Motoren

Here the pictures.