Nol's bike

Both bike's are made by BMW. Both are from the world famous GS series. GS stands for country and road, which means as much that you can also ride them Offside the tarmac roads. The youngest of the 2 bike's is Nol's bike. He is riding a BMW R 1150 GS Adventure from 2005. This is one of the very last 1150 models before they where replaced by the 1200 GS. It is a special edition in white ,to remember 25 years of GS's on the market. It has 85 bhp from a 1130cc engine. It also has twin sparkplugs as on all the latest boxer engines. Torque is 98nm at 5250 rpm. The empty weight is 265 kg with a max. allowed load of 450 kg. The steel tank holds 30 litres which gives a range of 580 km. It currently has 80.000 km on the speedometer And is cared / serviced by Joost Motoren.

BMW R 1150 G/S Adventure.

The Adventure difference from the standard 1150 by a few standard options. Bigger tank, 30 litre i.s.o. 22. Longer suspension travel by 20mm. A one piece buddyseat. And as a option a aluminium pannierset with a combined volume of 105 litre. It is also possible to adjust the motor management to run on poor 91ROZ fuel. Last but not least, it has a shorter first gear to plough trough mud / dirt.

To make the trip a successful as possible we added some parts and accessories. Goal from the start has been to keep the bike as close to original as possible. For this purpose we have contacted and chosen the German firm Wunderlich, as they have a lot of experience and parts for the 1150. Moreover, you will find there staff superb. Wunderlich became one of the main sponsors of our trip. Here follows the list of adjustments.

- Heavy duty clutch plate . ( Wunderlich / Lucas)
- Bleu Long Life Performance Filter. ( Wunderlich)
- Odessey PC680 Power Pack Battery.
- Sport muffler without ceramic converter. ( poor fuel in Africa) ( BMW)

- Front suspension Wilbers type 630 strong.
- Rear suspension Wilbers type 640 Superstrong.
- Pivotpegs movable footpegs. Wunderlich.
- Low Ergo Seat. ( Wunderlich)
- Handlebar risers 35mm ( Wunderlich)
- Cruisecontrol. ( Wunderlich)
- Flooterlights widebeam lights (Wunderlich)
- Xeneon Headlight ( Joost Motoren)