Nol Visser

Nol (49) on his BMW R 1150 GS

Here ready for a test drive to France with full pack.


May I introduce myself. My name is Nol Visser and I am 49 years old.
I am the proud father of Bob! Together with my wife Wilma and Kim, Bob’s sister we form the Visser family. The family is completed by our dog Piroska and the two cat Sam and Ree. I work for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines sinds 1979. From 1981 onward as a member of the cabincrew. In those 28 years a had the pleasure and privilege to visit all continents except Antarctica. It is often thought that we as crew see a lot of all the countries we visit. That is of coarse impossible, but we do get a lot of impressions And ideas for future travel! It is here where the plan to travel a large portion of the world by motorcycle started.

I own my motorcycle license since 1995. I am a so called late starter. The first 5 years I only rented bike’s . This for two reasons. First i did not have the need to own one full time and secondly I did not find the right bike to fulfill all my needs and wishes.
In 2000, my wife started to work again as a nurse because the kids could spnt more time on there on. We needed a second form of transportation for this as we both work shifts and could not depend on public transport .As i did not wanted to have a second car and the traffic jams around our village became worse every year we chose to by a bike. After careful financial calculations ( by the wife!) we opted for the then newly introduced BMW 1150 GS. Besides the high reliability and second hand value i did not want a bike with a chain drive. I also liked the comfort of the bike, this because i would do 25.000 km a year on it. The GS could also be used for intended holidays. These trips where confined to small trips to the Belgian Ardennes and Scottish Highlands, this alone or together with my wife ,son or friends from KLM’s motorcycle club the DC-10 Skyriders. But I needed and wanted more…
In this year a few things which are unique by them self come together. I will become 50, I work 30 years for KLM, KLM exists 90 years as the oldest airline in the world and Bob can take a sabbatical year between his high school and university study’s.
And last but not least, it was possible for me to take 4 months of lave from work.

I feel privileged to make this trip! To go and visit all those places which i only saw from 10 kilometers high. To go and have a cup of thee with the people who live at that tiny Little light in the middle of nowhere. To smell and feel the different country’s in Europe, The Middle –East and Africa! To ride from the edge of the Northern Polar sea to where two giant Oceans meet! And that together with my biggest friend, my son Bob. The trip on his own will be our Adventure, together as two real Flying Dutchmen!