Bob's Bike

Both bike"s are from BMW. Both come from the World famous G/S series. G/S stands for terrain & street in German and means that the GS series are more or less suitable for off-road use as well. The oldest of he 2 bike"s is Bob"s bike. He rides a BMW R 80 G/S from 1987. This is a GS from the first series the type and has a Monolever in the rear. It is a so called Paris-Dakar version which was successful in the rally-Race bearing the same name a few years before. The engine produces 50 bhp with a torque of 58nm / 4000rpm. This all from the famous 2 valve flat Twin Boxer engine. The empty dry weight of the bike is 205 kg with a maximal load allowance of 398 kg. The bike has a standard steel tank with a 32 liter / 8.9 Gallon capacity which creates a range of 580 km. The bike came with 2 different buddy seats, a double and a single one in bright Orange. Bob is the second owner of the bike. There are 90.000 km on the speedometer by the time we leave for Africa!

BMW R 80 G/S Paris-Dakar after the restauration.

To make the chances of finishing the trip more realistic, we needed to take "Bob's old bike" apart and build it up from scratch again.

BMW R 80 G/S Paris-Dakar before the restauration.

We replaced all parts that where worn ore could be improved for the heavy duty trip we would make. It was our Goal to stay as close to the original bike as possible. For all these improvement parts there where not many companies to choose from. We found the people from Wunderlich in Germany the best and contacted them if they could help? And that they did!! They have most parts in stock and the most helpful, dedicated and friendly staff you will find anywhere. Wunderlich became one of the main sponsors of the project. Our local BMW repair shop Joost Motoren took care of the rest. They have all the knowledge and the right man to rebuild the bike! Thank Henny for all he love and care you have given the bike!

Henny Rijnbergen "chief mechanic" working on the BMW R 80 G/S Paris-Dakar.

Here follows a list with all the improvements we have made.

- Increased oil capacity by adding Oil Sump Spacer. ( Wunderlich)
- Oil Coller Kit. ( Wunderlich)
- Oil Temperature gauge.
- Blue Longlife Performance Air Filter. ( Wunderlich)
- Sintered clutch plate. ( Wunderlich / Lucas)
- Power plus Regulator. (Wunderlich)
- Heavy Duty Starter Motor. ( Valeo / Wunderlich)
- Rectfier. ( Bosch / Wunderlich)
- Odyssey PC 680 Power Pack Pure lead battery. ( Wunderlich)
- Bosch heavy duty Generator. ( Wunderlich)
- New exhaust system. ( Wunderlich)

- The whole frame was made rust free and Powder Coated.
- Front suspension replaced with Wilbers Progressive Springs.
- Rear suspension replaced with Wilbers Classic Strong unit.
- Side Stand Enlarger. ( Wunderlich)
- Steel Braided Brake line. ( Wunderlich)
- Larger Sump Guard Bash Plate. ( Joost Motoren)
- Splash Guards Foot Protection. ( Wunderlich)
- Pivotpegs moveable foot pegs. ( Wunderlich)
- Handlebar risers. 35 mm ( Wunderlich)
- Panniers reinforcmentbar. ( Boxertoko)
- Gear Change Lever. ( Wunderlich)
- Windscreen. ( Joost Motoren / BMW)

Other adjustments:
- Heated grips. ( Motozoom)
- Xenon Headlight. ( Joost Motoren)
- Hepco & Becker Gobi panniers. ( Wunderlich)