Bob Visser

Bob (18) op zijn BMW R 80 GS Paris Dakar.
Here ready for a test drive to France with full pack.


I'm Bob Visser, 18 years old and am almost done with my HAVO diploma. Iam driving a motorbike since February this year and the proud owner of a BMW R 80 GS Paris-Dakar from '87. The motorbike was to purchase a refresher turn. That she had delivered parts of Wunderlich and assembly by Joost Motoren. The GS 80 is now ready for the world!

I've been driving all my experience with VRO (Voortgezet Rijvaardigsheids Training). Partly due to this VRO'S, sponsored by Freebike and a good knowledge organized France trip of 7 days I aim to drive with more awareness. I look with pleasure to the large Cape to Cape adventure.